Richard Eyer Smith's Excellent Adventures in Paradise

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Here's the first scene from my book "Radar Contact Lost."


Chapter One

It’s more fun to make love in the tropics than in Pittsburgh.

He looked out over the veranda of their lodge, Hacienda Alta Vista. It was a nineteenth-century coffee estate that had been lovingly restored, then converted into a charming bed-and breakfast. He could smell the fragrance of roasted coffee mixed in with the scent of flowers, fruit trees and the muskiness of their lovemaking. This spot, about thirty-five miles southwest of the steamy, crowded capital city of Nueva Madrid, was the perfect place to be alone and naked with his new bride, high in the tranquil San Miguel rainforest.

“Can I get you another rum?” he asked.

“In a minute.”

He watched as she lazily rocked in the soft-cushioned chair on the secluded veranda. He couldn’t take his eyes off her tussled blond hair and her smooth white skin glowing soft and warm in the flickering candlelight.

He picked out the symphony of birds caroling in the cool night air, singing just for them. In his reverie, he was scarcely aware of the dull whine of a jet, miles away, descending into the island’s main airport.

“Tomorrow, let’s get up early and watch the sunrise.” He eased behind her chair and gently stroked her shoulder, then took another sip from his drink. The dark liquid kindled his passions.

Suddenly, from somewhere on the other side of the mountain, a bright flash of light illuminated the night sky.

The woman shot upright in her chair. “My God! What was that?”

“Storm’s coming in.” He set his glass on the table and walked nude in front of her. “Don’t be afraid of a little lightning.”

A deep rumbling, like a furious blast of dynamite, shook the veranda.
“That’s the loudest noise I’ve ever heard,” he said. “I guess it’s thunder. What else could it be?”

He reached out to her, lifting her gently from the chair. The two lovers eased together. They kissed and their fear slowly subsided. Then it turned to lust.
“Maybe we should sleep in again tomorrow,” she giggled. He knew she was still giddy sensing his excitement. He guided her towards the bedroom. “I didn’t think it was supposed to rain tonight.”

The window behind them rattled loudly once again. “That does sound awfully close,” he said. "It’s going to start pouring any minute.” He looked forward to the gentle sound of rain falling on the metal roof as they made love. “Anyway, I’m sure we can think of something fun to do in our room.”

He felt her face warm. He was charmed by her virginal embarrassment.
“I’m sure we can,” she said.

He slowly eased her down on the soft bed. Within a few moments they were too happily occupied with one another to notice.

Rain never fell outside their bedroom window.

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