Richard Eyer Smith's Excellent Adventures in Paradise

Monday, March 26, 2012


I got an e-mail last week notifying me that my book, Radar Contact Lost, is now available in digital format. Awesome!

I wrote this novel in the mid-1990's, just after I retired from the FAA. I'd always said that I would write a book one day, and, since I had nothing much else to do back then, I sat down for about six months and penned Radar Contact Lost.

I make no claims to literary greatness, but I did accomplish what I had set out to do and I'm proud of that even now, some fifteen years later.

When Radar Contact Lost was first published, I reveled in the role of Auteur. I appeared, dapper in tweed and twill, at book signings at the local Barnes & Noble and I gave talks to libraries, newspapers, aviation mags - anyone who would put up with my not-so-sophisticated blather.

It was great fun, and yes, I did manage to sell a few books back then.

Less than a year after publication, however, I returned to Puerto Rico to live. Down here, there is a very limited market for English-language authors promoting romantic aviation thrillers.

No market, actually.

I watched as my sales dwindled and my dreams of fame and fortune drifted slowly out to sea.

Until last week.

Now, for some reason known only to God and the publisher, my book is online.

In this very moment, it can rain down from "the Cloud" into every Nook, Kindle and iPad. You can get me in London, Lisbon or Lansing with the mere stroke of your finger.

You can download me, app me, zap me - whatever.

For just a couple of bucks, I'm yours for all time.

I'm your next must-read on the plane or your next page-turner at the beach. Why, you can even take me to bed with you!

So, my friends, did I mention the title?

Radar Contact Lost: now available as an eBook!

Get yours now!