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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


A week has passed since I started this blog. So by now, I'm a wealthy Trump Network phenom, right?

Not so fast!

Before I leap headlong into the Trump Network sea of wealth, there are a few things I want to check out first.

For example, shall I find a local sponsor, a big group in the US or just someone I feel a connection with?

The 'Net lists a few major organizations (Residual Income, Automatic Diamond Team, Etc.) and some individual folks (Denise Winters is one I ran across).

The only links to local folks I could find were "dead", so it either isn't very popular here or I'm just getting in at the ground floor. I haven't decided yet just who should be my sponsor - but whomever I choose: lucky them!

Next, I need a plan. Do I just take a leap of faith and sign up, or is there a better way? For me, I have to know I can actually sponsor someone before I send off my hard-earned cash.

I know, that's not the positive Rah-Rah approach you'd expect from a future fixture of the Trump Boardroom, but I have to see before I believe.

So, this week I'm rounding up stuff that I can show my small list of prospects and see if I get any nibbles.

I think Ivanka - perhaps my greatest inspiration in the Trump family - would be proud of my cautiously optimistic approach!

We'll see.

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