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Friday, July 9, 2010


Hurry up and wait.

That's what they used to say in the Army and that's where I am now with my biz. I'm playing phone tag with some guy here in Puerto Rico and my contact in the States is gathering information for me, so there's not much happening today.

Last night, I discussed the Trump Network with my adorable but skeptical wife, Cath. She gets Donald Trump. She gets building a network. And she gets my approach to recruiting a couple of folks first. What she doesn't get is . . . well, me.

In the '70s we got involved with Amway. Like the vast majority of network marketers, we spent money, worked hard and, ultimately, crashed and burned. It was not for lack of effort that we went nowhere. Cath & I literally knocked on doors, hosted sales meetings, went to businesses to sell cleaning products and badgered friends, relatives and complete strangers.

Oh yeah, we worked it, Baby!

In the end, nobody below us succeeded, nobody above us helped and nobody but nobody would take our phone calls. "It's those Amway guys. Quick, hang up!"

Does networking marketing - does Amway - work? Of course it does. There are a boatload of folks who started with Amway back in the '70s when we did who have made enormous fortunes. Do Cath and I work? Well, we started out together more than 40 years ago and, yes, we definitely work! We also put in a ton of effort into our biz, but success eluded us.

So, Cath rightly fears that getting involved with the Trump Network could end badly. It's not the investment of money - we've got sufficient - nor the investment of time - God willing, we've got plenty of that, too. No, it's the nagging fear of failure once again. The "I really don't want to go down that path yet another time" feeling. That "I don't want to get all excited about something and then . . . nothing" feeling.

Know what I'm talking about?

So, for today, I sit and wait. I see the possibilities, hope springs eternal and all is well in Paradise.

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